We are the future of office management.

Are you overwhelmed with administrative tasks? Is it taking up more and more of your time? Imagine being able to delegate those tasks to professionals! Imagine how your work could look when you use the time gained to improve it!

With a virtual secretary, you can focus on what you excel at, while entrusting all the secretarial tasks to us with full confidence.

Business is becoming increasingly hectic, and the need for quick and efficient solutions is becoming imperative. Our services are a response to the demands of modern business.

With over 20 years of experience and a commitment to continuous improvement through education and the adoption of new tools, we have assisted many companies and gained valuable expertise in numerous aspects of business—both in traditional administrative tasks and modern ones.

Our mission is to lighten your daily schedule and take on administrative tasks that you either don't want to or don't know how to handle, making your life simpler and your business performance greater.

What our clients think about us

"I have been using the virtual secretary service for over a year. I am extremely satisfied. I can focus on business development with the assurance that all administrative tasks will be handled professionally and on time. Additionally, the service is cost-effective and transparent. All tasks are arranged and executed online without any issues. I no longer have to incur the expenses of an office, a secretary's phone, internet, taxes, and other related costs! Your secretary doesn't have to be physically present for all tasks to be carried out professionally and punctually. It's time to change the way we think and embrace different, more efficient business models. Payment is hourly, meaning you pay for the actual work done. Every Friday, I receive a report detailing the number of hours worked, on which projects and tasks, and the corresponding amount. At the beginning of each month, I receive a monthly report and invoice, making the entire collaboration transparent."

Tom Gavazzi, Business Sailing j.d.o.o., Zagreb
"I am pleased to share my extremely positive impression of Lana, the owner of the 'Tajnica' business, as a business partner. Throughout our business relationship, Lana has demonstrated exceptional abilities in handling all business tasks, providing a professional service that is consistently delivered on time and with high quality. Lana is exceptionally organized and efficient in her work. Regardless of the complexity of the task, she has always found a way to resolve it quickly and thoroughly."

Simon Ferjuc, Tetida d.o.o., Zagreb
"Fast, efficient, and reliable. That's the kind of service you'll get with Tajnica.hr! I run a business consulting company in the pharmaceutical industry, where I am the sole employee, providing intellectual services to Western Europe. My goal is to simplify all aspects of work and life, and this lifestyle perfectly fits with 'outsourcing,' for which I always engage only the best partners. Tajnica.hr has proven to be an excellent counterpart to my business secretary and personal assistant, an incomparably better and cost-effective option than any in-house solution. Previously, I used virtual office secretary services from people in the UK, and I am extremely pleased that someone thought to offer such a service in the Croatian market, in the local language. Thank you for the excellent collaboration, and I look forward to all future tasks together!"

dr. sc. Tea Andabaka, DGT Remedy d.o.o., Zagreb